What is a Global Battery Passport?
As battery usage proliferates across industries, global regulations emphasize the need for a standardized traceability framework to promote circularity, efficiency, and resilience in the battery supply chain. Policies like the EU Battery Regulation and CARB (proposed) mandate digital recordkeeping to track battery value chain, lifecycles, and verify domestic contents, underscoring the need for a global battery passport. Battery passports are composed of digital credentials containing key information about the battery’s composition, state of health, history, and more.

How Does the Industry Benefit from a Shared Traceability Framework?
Ensuring circular value chains and compliance will require not only a framework for authenticating battery information but also a shared, tamper-evident method of presenting this information to users. Regulatory compliance is critical to ensure the safety, quality, and sustainability of batteries, as well as to uphold consumer trust, protect public health, and remain competitive in markets. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a cross-industry interoperable system that permits all battery stakeholders to participate in creating and using harmonized standards. This will not only benefit the industry but also contribute to achieving broader circularity, environmental, and energy goals worldwide.

What is Citopia Global Battery Passport System?
MOBI is working with public and private ecosystem stakeholders to build a standardized system that will allow the producers to issue battery passports. Citopia Global Battery Passport System (GBPS) will include a registry of battery information sources with the ability to query battery data (public and confidential). It will also have the capability to authenticate data sources. Please note that the data displayed below is for demonstration purposes only. Learn how your organization can get involved

  • Consumers and General Public: Using Citopia GBPS, consumers can enter a unique battery identifier or scan a QR code and easily retrieve information about the battery’s manufacturer, performance, history, material sourcing, and more.

  • Regulators: Using Citopia GBPS, regulators gain the ability to ensure compliance and safety in the battery supply chain. Access proprietary data on battery safety, test results, and ESG compliance to support effective oversight and policy enforcement.

  • Battery Owners: Using Citopia GBPS, battery owners can access insights into their battery’s state of health, state of charge, environmental impact, and more. Owners can easily access data on performance trends, maintenance needs, and estimate the residual value of their batteries.

  • BIN: KL5444345N888888

  • Serial Number: D0C9LC6220P3S095
  • Battery Model: T14D0037652

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion — NCM-811

  • Put into service: 30 Aug 2022

  • Lifecycle: First Life (In-Vehicle Use)

State of Health (SOH)
State of Charge (SOC)
State of Health
State of Charge

Disclaimer: The data displayed is for demonstration purposes only.